Tony Comely Wins DSPT Edmonton!

Tony Comely (pictured) topped a field of 420 players at a final table that was just under five hours long to win the DeepStacks Edmonton Spring Main Event on Monday at Casino Yellowhead. He took home $81,200 in prize money, which included a $3,000 DSPT Championship package.

“It feels pretty good, it’s a long time coming – overdue,” said Comely right after the victory. His career earnings now stand at $292,448. Comely continued, “It’s awesome. The staff is great, you guys are great, everyone here is great.”

“I got an early double up to take the big chip lead, and then I lost a huge pot where the guy hit a three-outer on me, and then I sucked out once after that and I got back in it, and here we are,” said Comely when he was asked about the roller-coaster ride his chip stack went on throughout the day.

Comely was also excited to win a seat in the DeepStacks Championship that will take place in Calgary in December. “You will see me there, yep. Time to get drunk,” said Comely enthusiastically to finish off the winner interview.

Final Table Results

1st: Tony Comely – $81,200*
2nd: Andrew Goertz – $56,940
3rd: Haven Werner – $36,610
4th: Dwayne Reid – $24,540
5th: Kris Steinbach – $18,870
6th: Brieanne Chetek – $15,640
7th: Ian Alvarado – $13,130
8th: Tony Nguyen – $10,620
9th: Damian Minev – $8,130

*: Includes a $3,000 DSPT Championship prize package.

Cards got into the air at 1 p.m. between the final nine players, and two players busted quickly in back-to-back hands. Damian Minev was out in ninth, and Tony Nguyen fell in eighth. Things then settled down for a while before Ian Alvarado hit the rail in seventh.

Brieanne Chetek was able to double up a few times at the final table, but she ultimately busted in sixth place. Kris Steinbach was out next in fifth place, and he was followed to the rail by Dwayne Reid in fourth, and Haven Werner in third. That set up a final battle between Andrew Goertz (5,840,000) and Tony Comely (4,660,000).

On the final hand of the night, Goertz raised to 300,000 preflop on the button, and Comely called. The flop was dealt [poker card=”9c”] [poker card=”5d”] [poker card=”4c”], and Goertz bet another 300,000. Comely called again before the turn fell [poker card=”Ks”]. Goertz got the last of his chips into the middle (4,350,000), and Comely called to cover him. The two players then tabled their cards.

Comely: [poker card=”Kd”] [poker card=”4s”]
Goertz: [poker card=”9h”] [poker card=”8h”]

River: [poker card=”Kh”]

Goertz was eliminated in second place, good for $56,940, and Comely won DeepStacks Edmonton. Comely took home $81,200, which included a $3,000 DeepStacks Championship prize package, and he was also awarded the DeepStacks trophy.

Congratulations to our new DeepStacks champion – Tony Comely!

That concludes our coverage from the DeepStacks Edmonton Srping Main Event. Thanks to Casino Yellowhead for hosting another great event. The next stop on tour will take us to Club One Casino in Fresno, California for the DeepStacks Fresno Main Event that will run from May 17-21. The Main Event features an $1,100 buy-in, and a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool. The DeppStack live reporting team will have live updates, chip counts, photos, and videos for you from Central California next month.