Karim Chatur

Level: 27
Blinds: 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante
Players: 11/420

Ross Wilson raises to 180,000 under the gun preflop, and Haven Werner calls to cover him on the cutoff. Karim Chatur (pictured) also calls on the big blind before the flop is dealt [poker card=”Kc”] [poker card=”7h”] [poker card=”6d”]. Werner bets 200,000, and Chatur check-raises all in. Werner calls to cover him so all three players flip over their cards.

Wilson: [poker card=”Jh”] [poker card=”10c”]
Werner: [poker card=”Kd”] [poker card=”Qd”]
Chatur: [poker card=”Ks”] [poker card=”9d”]

Turn and River: [poker card=”Qh”] [poker card=”9h”]

Wilson hits a straight on the river to triple up and survive with 630,000 in the main pot. Chatur is eliminated in 12th place in the side pot, good for $6,860, and Werner wins the side pot to take the chip lead with 1.95 million.

Ross Wilson – 630,000 (15 bb)
Haven Werner – 1,950,000 (48 bb)
Karim Chatur – Eliminated in 12th Place ($6,860)