Steve Dyck Takes One Out

Level: 10
Blinds: 400/800 with a 100 ante
Players: 257/257

The button raises to 2,000 preflop, the Steve Dyck calls on the small blind, and Joel Bullock calls on the big as well. The three players see the first three cards dealt [poker card=”Qd”] [poker card=”Jd”] [poker card=”10h”], and the button raises. Dyck reraises, Bullock folds, and the button reraises all in. Dyck calls to cover him so they flip over their cards.

Dyck: [poker card=”Kd”] [poker card=”8d”]
Button: [poker card=”Qs”] [poker card=”Qh”]

Turn and River: [poker card=”4h”] [poker card=”5d”]

Dyck hits a flush on the river to take out the button and grow his stack to 79,000.

Steve Dyck – 79,000 (98 bb)

Lonnie Hallett Takes One Out

Level: 9
Blinds: 300/600 with a 100 ante
Players: 241/241

A player in late position is all in preflop with [poker card=”As”] [poker card=”Qh”] in the hole, and Lonnie Hallett has him covered holding [poker card=”9s”] [poker card=”9d”]. The board is dealt [poker card=”Qc”] [poker card=”10h”] [poker card=”7d”] [poker card=”9h”] [poker card=”2c”], and Hallett eliminates his opponent to grow his stack to 46,200.

Lonnie Hallett – 46,200 (77 bb)

Official Day 1A Chip Counts

Andrew Goertz 426,000
Kyle Hartree 298,500
Sopheak Heang 201,000
Damien Minev 184,500
Roman Brar 182,500
Ross Wilson 173,000
Phil Riley 160,500
Jatinder Brar 159,500
Haven Werner 156,000
Chad Galye 152,000
Brett Worton 151,000
Vicki Langier 144,000
Raymone Trieu 136,000
Kris Steinbach 127,500
George Broumas 121,000
Karim Chatur 112,500
Ryan Cairns 104,000
Mitch Heidt 100,000
Trevor Norlander 95,500
Wes Hickey 90,000
Darcy Vanwachem 89,000
Brieanne Chetek 87,000
Kyle Ho 85,500
Hiroaki Harado 83,500
Jerry Carter 72,500
Jason Tran 70,000
Maximilian Juelch 65,000
Sean Maloney 64,500
Mishel Nguyen 64,000
Luke Waldner 53,000
Ali Razzaq 41,000
Tyson Potrebenko 30,000
Ryan Smith 21,500

Andrew Goertz Leads 33 Day 1A Survivors with 426,000

Andrew Gortz

There were 163 entries on Day 1A of the $1,100 buy-in DeepStacks Edmonton Spring Main Event at Casino Yellowhead on Friday, and there is still one starting day left for players to get in on the action. An even larger field is expected for Day 1B on Saturday, so this tournament is well on its way to surpassing the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The chip leader of the 33 survivors at the end of play is Andrew Goertz (pictured above) with 426,000. Other big stacks were bagged up by Kyle Hartree (298,500), and Jay Heang rounds out the top three as the only other player to bag above 200,000 (201,000).

Here are the top chip counts at the end of play:

Andrew Goertz 426,000
Kyle Hartree 298,500
Sopheak Heang 201,000
Damien Minev 184,500
Roman Brar 182,500
Ross Wilson 173,000
Phil Riley 160,500
Jatinder Brar 159,500
Haven Werner 156,000
Chad Galye 152,000

Familiar faces that did not advance today (but have the chance to enter again on Saturday) included Josh Wallace, Jerry Tria, Joel Bullock, Malcom Bolger, Mike Smith, Laurence Louie, Jerry Carter, the Klimosko brothers Kris and Jared, and the Comely brothers Ryan and Tony.

Day 1B begins on Saturday at 1 p.m. Registration will remain open until the start of Level 10 (approximately 8:30 pm local time). The DeepStacks live reporting team will be here to bring you all of the action in live updates, chips counts, photos, and videos from Edmonton, Alberta up in Canada.

If you’re looking for some content in the meantime, you can check out the history of the DeepStacks Edmonton Main Event in the Season 4 SpringSeason 3 Fall, Season 3 Spring, and Season 2 Spring flashbacks, or the Edmonton Spotlight pieces about Downtown Edmonton and the West Edmonton Mall.

You can also check out the DeepStacks Travel Guide to the Edmonton Spring Tour Stop if you’re looking for some fun ideas for activities off the felt.

DeepStacks Flashback: Season 2 Edmonton Spring

Jason Ross wins DSPT Edmonton!

Here is a quick look back at the Season 2 DSPT Edmonton Spring Main Event.

Buy-In: CAD $1,100
Prize Pool: CAD $480,550
Players: 509
Number of Players Paid: 58
Min-Cash: CAD $1,780

Final Table Results:

1st: Jason Ross (pictured) – CAD $100,060 + USD $3,000 Championship Package
2nd: Ian Alvarado – CAD $66,120
3rd: Richard Mullen – CAD $42,190
4th: Raymond Trieu – CAD $33,160
5th: Tam Minh Duong – CAD $25,710
6th: Craig Einarson – CAD $18,260
7th: Mike Lu – CAD $13,940
8th: Calvin Anderson – CAD $11,050
9th: John Anga – CAD $10,090

Mishel Nguyen Takes One Out

The button is all in preflop with [poker card=”5c”] [poker card=”5d”] in the hole, and Mishel Nguyen calls to cover him UTG+1 holding [poker card=”Ac”] [poker card=”8c”].

The board runs out [poker card=”8s”] [poker card=”3s”] [poker card=”2s”] [poker card=”Qh”] [poker card=”3d”], and the button is eliminated. Nguyen stacks up 63,000 after the hand.

Mishel Nguyen – 63,000 (31 bb)