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Haven Werner Leads the Final Table of Nine at DeepStacks Edmonton

We are down to the final nine players remaining in the DeepStacks Edmonton Spring Main Event after 89 returned for Day 2 here at Casino Yellowhead in Canada. The chip leader at the end of play is Haven Werner (pictured) with a stack of 1,920,000. Andrew Goertz will come into the final table in second with 1,730,000, and Tony Comely rounds out the top three with a stack of 1,695,000. Here is a look at the seating chart with chip counts for Monday’s final table. Seat 1: Damian Minev – 930,000 Seat 2: Brieanne Chetek – 625,000 Seat 3: Andrew Goertz – 1,730,000 Seat 4: Tony Nguyen – 460,000 Seat 5: Ian Alvarado – 670,000 Seat 6: Dwayne Reid Lacombe – 1,120,000 Seat 7: Kris Steinbach – 1,355,000 Seat 8: Tony Comely – 1,695,000 Seat 9: Haven Werner – 1,920,000 Here is the remaining prize pool up for grabs: 1st 81200 2nd 56940 3rd 36610 4th 24540 5th 18870 6th 15640 7th 13130 8th 10620 9th 8130 The top 53 players made the money, and here is a look at the full results from Day 2: 10th Ross Wilson 6860 11th Darcy Van Wachem 6860 12th Karim Chatur 6860 13th Raymone Trieu 5710 14th Kris Klimosko 5710 15th Ali Khani 5710 16th Thomas Ly 4690 17th Dickie Deng 4690 18th Greg Pelletier 4690 19th Salim Chehayeb 3910 20th Max...

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Ross Wilson Busted in 10th Place – Day 2 Ends

Level: 27 Blinds: 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante Players: 9/420 Andrew Goertz limps preflop from middle position, and Ross Wilson moves all in preflop for 610,000 on the hijack. Tony Comely tanks before folding on the big blind, and Goertz calls to cover Wilson. The two remaining players then reveal their cards. Goertz: [poker card=”9h”] [poker card=”9d”] Wilson: [poker card=”6c”] [poker card=”6s”] Board: [poker card=”Qc”] [poker card=”7s”] [poker card=”3s”] [poker card=”10s”] [poker card=”9c”] Wilson is eliminated in 10th place, good for $6,860, and Goertz stacks up 1.73 million after the hand. The final table of nine is now set and Day 2 has come to a close. The clock has been paused with 15:02 remaining in Level 27. Stay tuned for chip counts and a recap of the day. Andrew Goertz – 1,730,000 (43 bb) Ross Wilson – Eliminated in 10th Place...

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Karim Chatur Eliminated in 12th Place in Three-Way All-In

Level: 27 Blinds: 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante Players: 11/420 Ross Wilson raises to 180,000 under the gun preflop, and Haven Werner calls to cover him on the cutoff. Karim Chatur (pictured) also calls on the big blind before the flop is dealt [poker card=”Kc”] [poker card=”7h”] [poker card=”6d”]. Werner bets 200,000, and Chatur check-raises all in. Werner calls to cover him so all three players flip over their cards. Wilson: [poker card=”Jh”] [poker card=”10c”] Werner: [poker card=”Kd”] [poker card=”Qd”] Chatur: [poker card=”Ks”] [poker card=”9d”] Turn and River: [poker card=”Qh”] [poker card=”9h”] Wilson hits a straight on the river to triple up and survive with 630,000 in the main pot. Chatur is eliminated in 12th place in the side pot, good for $6,860, and Werner wins the side pot to take the chip lead with 1.95 million. Ross Wilson – 630,000 (15 bb) Haven Werner – 1,950,000 (48 bb) Karim Chatur – Eliminated in 12th Place...

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