Jeff Fielder Wins Second Title on Tour at WPTDeepStacks Championship

Jeff Fielder (pictured) topped a field of 501 players to win the season 4 WPTDeepStacks Championship Main Event on Tuesday at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. 

Fielder earned his second WPTDeepStacks title and $220,616 in first-place prize money, which included a $3,500 seat in the WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event in March 2018. Fielder becomes just the second two-time champion in WPTDeepStacks history, joining Season 4 WPTDeepStacks Player of the Year Rex Clinkscales. Fielder won his first WPTDeepStacks title in Iowa last October, and he now holds career earnings of $1,317,393

"I was really short yesterday on Day 2. I struggled, survived, kept building, and the final table was awesome. I knew quite a few players, and heads up with my buddy Cord [Garcia] was great. Yeah, it was really fun," said Fielder about his journey to the title.

Fielder really took control of the final table during a lengthy four-handed battle that saw him take control of the chip lead. "Yeah, I noticed that Ben [Keeline] was definitely playing tight, so I tried to take advantage of his chip stack so to speak. I tried to start applying a lot of pressure where I thought he was going to be doing it, and since he was playing a little bit tight I decided to take those spots and it worked out," said Fielder.

Fielder's girlfriend Jenn is currently taking chemotherapy treatments for cancer, and the two have been traveling a lot in order to knock some things off their bucket list. "Good, she is doing very well. She has a clean bill of health right now, but she is still going to take chemotherapy forever, but yeah, she's doing really, really good ... Absolutely, and she definitely needs it (traveling). She works so hard as a social worker. She is under-appreciated, and overworked, the whole nine yards, she is the best," said Fielder.

WPTDeepStacks Championship Final Table Results

1: Jeff Fielder - $220,616*
2: Cord Garcia - $152,872
3: Ben Keeline - $98,387
4: Ian Steinman - $68,080
5: Chris Tham - $52,257
6: Justo Avalos - $43,566
7: Noel Rodriguez - $36,324
8: Hafiz Khan - $29,081
9: Jonathan George - $21,839

*First place includes a $3,500 seat in the Season XVI WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event.

Cards got into the air at Noon between the final 10 players, and the elimination of female poker legend Kathy Liebert in 10th place soon took the tournament down to the official final table of nine players.

Action continued to move quickly when Jonathan George was eliminated in ninth place, and Hafiz Khan was taken out in eighth place to take things down to seven players before 2 pm. Justo Avalso then doubled up, and quadrupled up before the first break of the day.

Noel Rodriguez hit the rail in seventh place, and Avalos finally fell in sixth place to take the final table to five players. Chris Tham then scored a double up to survive, but the next time he was all in, Tham was eliminated in fifth place.

By virtue of the final four players remaining at the final table, you could tell that it would be a long battle. Ian Steinman prolonged that battle when he scored a double. The four-handed stalemate finally ended around 7 pm when Steinman exited in fourth place after he couldn't survive another all-in confrontation.

The final three players faced off for a few hands before taking a dinner break, but when they returned the fireworks went off. Cord Garcia doubled up on the first hand back, and that left Ben Keeline left with just above a million. Keeline was quickly all in, but he could not survive and busted in third place.

Jeff Fielder took out Keeline, and that gave him 9,030,000 at the start of heads-up play over the 5,800,000 held by Garcia. Garcia was able to double up once, but a little after 9 pm the final hand transpired.

Garcia raised to 500,000 on the button preflop, Fielder reraised to 1.2 million, and Garcia reraised all in. Fielder called to cover him, and the two final players flipped over their cards.

Fielder: Ac4s
Garcia: AsKh

Board: Qs6c5h9c4h

Fielder won the pot and the tournament with a four on the river. Garcia was eliminated in second place, good for $152,872. Fielder took home the top prize of $220,216, which included a $3,500 seat in the WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event in March 2018, and he also received the super-sized WPTDeepStacks Championship trophy. Fielder previously won the Season 3 WPTDeepStacks Iowa Main Event last October, and he is now a two-time WPTDeepStacks champion.

Congratulations to our Season 4 WPTDeepStacks Championship winner - Jeff Fielder!