Joel Bullock Wins Dspt Battle Of Alberta Calgary Main Event

Joel Bullock (pictured) topped a field of 358 players at a final table that was just under eight hours long to win the DSPT Battle of Alberta Calgary Main Event on Monday at Grey Eagle Resort and Casino. 
He took home CAD $132,096 in prize money, and also secured a USD $3,000 DSPT Championship package. “It feels awesome, it’s been a while and this is a really tough field, a lot of good players. The final table was really tough, some of the best players I’ve played with, so it feels great, really good,” said Bullock right after the victory. Bullock also got to play against his good friend, and hotel roommate for the trip Roman Brar in the heads-up final. “He’s a good friend of mine, so it was fun for us to play heads up, it was pretty awesome,” said Bullock about the experience.
Bullock came into the final table on the short stack, but he quickly doubled up to turn things around, and then he scored not one, but two double eliminations back-to-back to take the final table from eight players down to four. “I was the smallest stack, but I just picked up a hand early and doubled up. Then I got extremely lucky with tens versus queens, that was a key hand, and then I picked up kings versus Mike’s [Smith] queens, that was a cooler, things went my way,” said Bullock about his rise at the final table.
Bullock also scored a dramatic double up to take the lead during heads-up play. Bullock flopped two pair with 8-2, but Brar improved to a better two pair on the turn with 9-6. Bullock hit a deuce on the river to make a full house in one of the crazier run outs we’ve seen on the tour in some time.  “That was a crazy hand, we just went all in before the flop. I flopped two pair and he flopped top pair, turn was two pair for him, and then I hit the lucky deuce on the river,” said Bullock about the hand.
Action kicked off slowly at the final table as a series of players doubled up along with a few chopped pots that saved players from elimination. This stretch proved to be a tough one for Tank Vander, he went from second in chips to busting out in ninth place.
The next stretch of play was punctuated by the double eliminations, something of a hallmark in this tournament (there were three on Day 2 once we made the money). Joel Bullock took out Garth Cave in eighth place and Rene Berube in seventh place in one hand, and then Bullock played the role of Grim Reaper once more when he eliminated Bucky Edraki in sixth place and Mike Smith in fifth place in another hand.
Another slow stretch of play set in after that between the final four players. Roman Brar then scored back-to-back eliminations with A-Q in the hole. In the first hand he took out Thomas Taylor in fourth place, and then he eliminated Jimmy Lee in third place.
This set up a heads-up final between Brar and Bullock. Brar held the lead with 6.75 million against the 4.77 million of Bullock. Bullock scored the aforementioned crazy double up after a couple of 30-minute levels of heads-up play, and Brar was left with just four big blinds after the dust settled.
On the final hand, Brar moved all in preflop for just over 500,000 on the button, and Bullock called to cover him. The two players then flipped over their cards.
Bullock: K♥7♦
Brar: 10♦4♦
Board: K♠Q♣3♦8♦K♣
Bullock won the hand and the tournament with trip kings. He took home the top prize of CAD $132,096, a $3,000 USD DSPT Championship Package, and the trophy. Brar was eliminated in second place, good for $92,480.
Congratulations to our new DSPT champion, Joel Bullock!
Final Table Results
1. Joel Bullock – $132,096 + $3,000 USD Championship Package
2. Roman Brar – $92,480
3. Jimmy Lee – $59,465
4. Thomas Taylor – $44,035
5. Mike Smith – $33,035
6. Bucky Edraki – $26,430
7. Rene Berube – $22,015
8. Garth Cave – $17,620
9. Tank Vander – $13,210