About DeepStacks

The DeepStacks Poker Tour (DSPT) is a domestic and international tournament series focused on providing a world-class live event experience at an affordable price point. We are part of WPTDeepStacks, the premier mid-major poker tour in the world. Our tour works with some of the most presitgious casino and poker room brands in the industry.

We provide an unrivaled level of service and quality never before seen in the mid-major marketplace. DSPT is comprised of a highly knowledgable staff supported by the world's #1 poker brand, the World Poker Tour.

We are also a leader in the television, live streaming and live reporting space. Here are just some of the things we offer our clients:


  • National & regional distribution
  • Neilsen-rated-DirecTV 
  • Emmy-award winning production team
  • World-renowned on-camera talent
  • Strategic commercial integration & placement 
  • In-show vignettes & property spotlights
  • Casino & sponsor partner in-show graphics
  • Unmatched marketing & promo opportunities

Live Streaming

  • Fully integrated RFID live streamed events
  • Live and archived online brand integration
  • Pro commentary & analysis
  • Customizable graphics packages & video players
  • Live in-video "ticker" promos & custom commercial packages
  • Live streamed social media integration
  • Unlimited broadband & viewing capability
  • Small onsite footprint and space


Live Reporting

  • Highly experienced, knowledgable & creative staff
  • Online video production, editing & integration
  • Photography & videography services
  • Live chat and event blogging
  • Sideline reporting & in-depth property spotlights
  • Custom live reporting platform & event pages
  • Extensive social media integration

Contact us

Want to host a DSPT event at your casino or card room? Or just want some info on what part of the world we will be in next? Hit us up! Don't worry, we will never share your information.
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